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Now that you have connected with God through our church’s pathway you can invest in obeying God’s call to grow in spiritual maturity. God calls us to become like Him through the life and activity of the local church, and we have crafted a path for you, whether that is through our Sunday morning service, our Women’s ministry, our Life Groups, or another ministry, all that we do is designed to help you grow in Christ. We are thrilled you are growing with us!

What is the Grow Step?

The Grow Step is how people develop and grow into maturity in Christ.

Paul often describes believers growing in maturity and becoming conformed to the image of Christ. As we connect to the vine, we receive the nourishment we need to develop, grow, and bear fruit, as God intends for us to do.

This is the goal of the Grow Step, to see every believer connected to our church become more like Jesus. What does this look like? The easy answer is, it looks like Jesus. But, to be more specific and clear, we use what we call the Disciple Images and Development Phases to describe the process of becoming more like Christ.

As a believer grows they mature spiritually, similar to how we develop physically. We note five stages, Newborn, Infant, Child, Adolescent, and Adult. Each progressive stage increases in knowledge, wisdom, independence, and ability to serve others. This growth to maturity has certain targets it grows towards. Looking through the New Testament, Jesus embodied several traits and activities, which He passed down to His disciples to do and to be. We call these the 9 Images, along with the Branch Image described during the Connect Step as the 10 Disciple Images. They are 1) Branch (Connection w/ God, believers, and the local church), which then causes the other nine, 2) Intimacy with the Father (Son/Daughter), 3) Serve the Father’s Will (Servant), 4) Fight the spiritual battle (Soldier), 5) Live your unique life (Athlete), 6) Evangelize (Fisherman), 7) Disciple individuals (Farmer), 8) Strengthen the Church (Builder), 9) Represent Christ to the world (Ambassador), and 10) Serve people, (Neighbor).

You can learn more about the Development Phases and the 10 Disciple Images by clicking here.

How does the Grow Step Work?

By connecting to the Branch, we receive what we need to grow. In other words, by practicing the spiritual gifts and participating in the life of the church, the natural outcome will be development from one phase to the next (Newborn to Infant, etc. until Adulthood) as the believer becomes better and more like Christ in the other nine Images.

How do I start the Grow Step?

Once you have connected to the church it is time to focus on growing. To know where to start you may contact the church at 830-569-4167 or , or speak with the Welcome Desk in the main foyer by the sanctuary on a Sunday and we will direct you.

What happens when I reach the Adult Phase?

As 18 year-olds continue to learn, develop, and progress, even though they are adults, and just as even elderly people can continue to learn and progress, the process of growth does not stop once we reach the Adult Phase. We continue to grow and develop and become more like Christ in progressively deeper ways.

You are not alone

God has made us communal beings, and He created the church to help one another accomplish the mission of being more and more like Him. We need each other. We need your contributions and you will benefit from what we offer in return. We are a family. We are here for you and will assist in any way we can.

It is also true that we are not the only ones that matter. God’s heart is for the Gospel to be offered to everyone. We have the right and responsibility to go share the message and help everyone who will come accept Christ and grow with us. Invite Explorers to discover Christ, help new believers connect to Christ through the spiritual disciplines and the church, and help everyone take the next step in their journey as we all grow together.

Thank you

Thank you for visiting us. We hope to see you soon. May God bless you.


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