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Pastor Nigel Kelly - Godless Crusdades

Godless Crusdades

Posted by Nigel Kelly on

The Presidential Election is a week away and next Tuesday we will learn the fate of our country. It has been a contentious campaign and tensions are running high. In the midst of all this, Satan has doubled his efforts to get us off track. Many Christians have done the hard work of deciding who to vote for based off of what is true and Godly, but have then neglected another area. It is not merely What you promote that is important, it is also How you go about promoting it. If we support the right candidate but hate our enemies, judge others, and worry about the future, then what began as a Godly pursuit became a Godless one. 

Godless Crusades: 32 Temptations Poised To Jettison Jesus From The 2020 Presidential Election will help you resist Satan's temptations this election season. Return to the Sermon on the Mount and rediscover how Christ wants us to respond at such a time like this.

Download Godless Crusades by clicking here:

This pdf version of the book is free and you are allowed and encouraged to pass it on to others. 

Want to know more? Here are some videos explaining each of the temptations:



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