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Community Bible Chapel

Although the church aims to lead everyone to become a disciple of Christ, different people will be in various stages of their spiritual journey and the church should welcome and accommodate everyone based on their needs in their current situation. For instance, not everyone is a believer in Jesus, and an unbeliever has different needs and perspectives than a believer. When someone becomes a believer their needs shift, and when they mature further in their faith there is another shift. Given the distinctions between these different stages, clarifying different steps help identify where someone is, what they need, and where they are headed next.

The three steps are:

Everyone who interacts with our church is in one of these steps.

Before becoming a believer, people explore the faith. They explore who God is, what the Bible says, who the people are in the church, among many other things. This step focuses on discovery. We call this the Explore step.     

Once someone makes the decision to become a follower of Jesus they enter the Connect step, where they get connected to their new faith and the church that will support them on their journey. This step also applies to believers who are new and need to connect to the church. Here the focus is on relationships. We call this the Connect Step.

Once firmly connected to the local body, the disciple focuses on growing in their faith and becoming more like Jesus. This step focuses on maturity. We call this the Grow Step.

We encourage everyone, no matter what step they are in, to invite others to join them on their journey. We call this multiplication. We do not expect someone in the Explore step to train someone far along in the Grow step, but we do greatly encourage that person in the Explore step to invite someone else to come and Explore along with them, and the same applies in the Connect and Grow steps as well.  

For more information on each of the Steps and how to get involved, click which Step you are interested in: Explore, Connect, Grow

If you would like to know more about our Discipleship Pathway, which is our gameplan for making and growing disciples, then please click here.